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About Jareth Johnson

I first developed a passion for comedy when I was just 5 years old listening to my Mom's Shelley Berman and Tom Lehrer records.

For 40 years I have listened to comedians like George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Cheech & Chong, and Down-East/Yankee humor of Bert & I and Tim Sample. I drove everyone crazy repeating all the jokes I had memorized, over and over. Eventually, I started telling my own funny jokes and stories.

Throughout the 80's and 90's I ran a DJ business and I was a DJ at WUNH in Durham, NH for a short time. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I loved being on the microphone and entertaining people!

In 2001, I started my own motorcycle shows called "East Coast Hoppers" and Observed Trials business called "Got Balance?". I love to entertain people and give them an opportunity to have fun and forget their troubles for a while!

​In 2014, I performed my first Comedy Open Mic at The Skybox Bar and Grill in Westbrook, Maine. I got a ton of laughs and knew this was what I wanted to do. So I started writing and performing comedy on a regular basis. And performing at Open Mics around Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Also, I host Virtual Open Mics and Workshops on Zoom. And help produce a comedy show on Zoom.

Jareth Johnson Comedy

Jareth Johnson's Reviews:

You have one of best minds I know. 

And have a huge heart.  

Thanks for the sunshine. 


​When I write LOL I mean I am REALLY laughing out loud. It's not just an expression. I read up to "getting shot in the chin" to Tom and he laughed out loud! I cracked up at the one about picking my pocket... and cook him breakfast. Love it. I also laughed - LOL -at the cursive one. Also LOL at the flying saucer. The self check out aisle is hysterical. You are freakin' awesome. I don't have a single bit of advice for you. I loved it.


​I think that was one of your best sets ever.


​Thanks.  Very interesting. You seem to be very natural as a comedian.

Dr. Matthew C.

​Well done! Made me chuckle and laugh and I'm a tough audience.


​ROFL! That was good buddy! Very creative!


​I think you were fantastic. ALL your jokes were funny. People were laughing the whole time, I was laughing the whole time. If I paid to see you I would have been very happy. It's clever, witty and funny. You also add lib well and have a contagious smile. You're really great!!!!!


​Jareth is a funny comedian and a talented producer/promoter. When he hosts an open mic he makes sure the customers, venue, and comedians are all having fun. Nothing mediocre about this guy.

-Laurie Laughlin,

Here are a few only of my highlights…. Hannaford’s before the storm with no “EZPass” lane. Brilliant “I love me”.  Clever “I have that kinda time…”  personal and brilliant. Your timing is great and your pauses…wait for it… are FREAKIN’ AWESOME. It’s obvious you’ve been working your butt off!!!!!!!!!! 

YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


​Holy shit dude that's pretty damned good!

You're definitely getting better....



-Paul and Joe

​Very good, Jareth


​I went to Bad Labs Brewery and heard “Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight” this past Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found myself laughing out loud at some of the open mic comics. Each person comes with their own style and material so there seems to be something for everyone. (I don’t want to say what jokes I didn’t get as I would be dating myself). Fun setting too, and I could hear the words!!! I didn’t laugh at everything, but enough to keep going back - a great way to blow off a tough week! And fantastic job by the MC, Jareth, who kept things moving and made even the spectators feel welcome. Thanks for a great evening (and I got there late - bummer!)!! I left with a smile… how many times can you say that!! See you next month! -Hesitant observer.


It is so cool to learn about being a comic and watch you do it. You are really good. You were right about preferring to memorize it all, you got some really good laughs. And I like that you used your own stuff even though you asked for feedback. Just means you think your stuff is good, which It is. You rock.  I am so glad you are doing this and so proud of you. You ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


​Dude, you were fabulous!


​Count it as a headlining gig.

-Joe D

I loved it. Can clearly see experience in the video!


You covered a lot of material in 8 minutes. Original jokes based on your personal experiences. You've got a good memory and know your material.  Good recovery after that person said, "you're going to hell." after your sausage joke. You used a callback (I think that's what it is) to reference your lost package joke. You paused after your jokes so you could get the laughs. That's good!


​I've watched the video, good job!!!


​Hey that was great. 8 minutes and you remembered all those. I thought you did great. You got lots of laughs. You were cute a couple of times laughing along with them. I sometimes do that too. Some will argue you're not supposed to laugh at your own jokes, but hey, we're funny, how can we not?


​I liked it man.

I liked the wordplay.

Very creative! :)

-Lisa D-O

You are amazing. You make people laugh out loud and you make other comics really funny. Happy Birthday. May all the joy you give others be reflected back on you ten fold. Be safe, happy and enjoy your time with friends and family


Thanks for producing shows and providing stage time!


"If you are having a hard time delivering jokes virtually, then perhaps you can reach out to any of these comedians for help and guidance. We are here to help each other.

Jareth Johnson has his open mic as well and trains comedians. Take advantage of that shit because his performance was aces. Help someone now by paying it forward."


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